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Employees enrolled in Crew career design programs report a 33% higher eNPS



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Our creative career tools and engaging live sessions result in an average rating of 9.6 / 10.



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We can launch as quickly as one meeting. You tell us the dates, we do the rest.

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The Program

Four live, group coaching sessions run every two weeks during your internship program to help interns think strategically about their careers

Session 1:
Personal Values

A collaborative and visual exercise to help  interns get clear on their values and how they’ll live them at work.

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Session 2:
Role Models

Interns will identify their role models, examine why they admire them and what that means about their own career goals, and seek our role models within your company who they can learn from.

Session 3:
Career Interests

Using a mind map, interns will document their interest areas and then explore who within the organization can help them to learn.

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UI Snippet of Crew's Highlight Reels Tool

Session 4:
Highlight Reel

Highlight Reel prompts your interns to capture and revisit the moments that make them feel great about their internship.

How it works

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Choose your session dates

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One week prior to each live session, interns will receive their pre-work assignment and spend 30 minutes completing the activity

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During the coaching session, interns will be split into small groups and given a Crew coach who will facilitate a collaborative conversation on the day’s topic

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Interns will maintain access to their career content and receive guidance for how to continue designing a great career at your company

Your interns are brimming with potential. Help them unleash it.

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