A new era of work requires a new kind of career support

Careers have become more fluid and more complex. People now change jobs every 2.2 years, work multiple jobs at once, and navigate new work structures like remote and hybrid. Social media and unpredictable economic conditions have put even more pressure on us to have it all figured out.

And yet, career support remains stuck in the past, and more people than ever are unhappy at work. They’re not living up to their potential, and not doing the work that brings them meaning.

We believe there’s a lot of meaning to be had from our work and the relationships we build through our work, but we need better structure, support, guidance, and tools that are fit for today’s careers.

Our Mission

Help millions of people live happier, more fulfilling lives by designing careers they love

Why this Mission?

Because meaning matters. It’s what drives us humans. It’s what makes us feel happy, confident, and fulfilled. And we think that’s pretty important, don’t you?

We’re a team of coaches, design-thinkers, HR professionals, and technologists building a social career platform to enable millions of workers to collaboratively design careers that bring meaning and joy.

Our Values

Empathize & Empower

We put humans first, whether thats customers, team members, or other collaborators. Empathy is how we understand each other, empowerment is how we seek to expand human potential. We bring heaps of goodwill to our interactions.

Curious & Confident

We believe in ourselves and in our vision. We know building products and companies is a never ending journey, and we lean into our insatiable curiosity, customer obsession, and growth mindset to guide our personal and product roadmaps. We have the competence to figure things out, and the confidence to tune out the noise.

Build to Think; Ship to Learn

We’re designers, and when designers get stuck, we build our way forward. We have a bias for action and for making things tangible. We ship things because we know we’ll learn more from taking the wrong action than from taking no action. We accept the risks and embrace the learnings. The customer is our truth.

Richness in relationships

We invest in our relationships with each other and with our collaborators because we know that relationships are at the heart of meaningful work. Time invested in people is time invested in our company’s success. Trust takes time and is worth every minute invested.

Everyone belongs in the boat

The idea of belonging is ingrained in our company name. We believe humans do their best work when they feel safe, included, and supported at work. We foster a community with diversity, inclusion, and respect at its core.

Self care drives team care

Part of showing up for each other and for our customers is making sure we’re investing in ourselves. We put on our own oxygen masks before helping others. We prioritize our own wellbeing to ensure we’re showing up as our best selves.

Interested in joining the team?