The Visionary


Bring intentionality to your career by exploring the things that matter to you,

and envisioning a career you truly love.

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Weekly career design sessions

Intimate crew of six to eight professional peers

Executive coaches with decades of experience

Design thinking inspired curriculum

12 month access to the community

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A career defining experience


Throughout childhood, we’re constantly asked that age-old question: what do you want to be when you grow up? Then we graduate, start our first job, and get swept up in the current of our career, no longer pausing to think about what we want.


But we're "grown up" for decades, and most of us will have several careers across our working life. So we need to bring back that question, and approach it with curiosity, intentionality, and fun.

The Visionary is an nine-week course which uses the principles of design thinking to help you explore and design a career you love.

What will you get?

Our activities will guide you in thinking deeply about your values, interests, and strengths, while our coaches provide expertise and personalized feedback throughout the process.


You also get a crew of like-minded people going through the experience with you. This keeps everything social, collaborative, and playful, because career design should be fun! (Yes, even on zoom!)


At the end of the course, you’ll feel excited and in control of your career destiny, and you’ll have a fantastic new network of fellow career designers to help you navigate the waters ahead.

Who is this for?

The Visionary is for ambitious people driven to leading a fulfilling, impact-driven, and joyful career. The Visionary is right for you if some or all of these statements describe you:

  • You see work as much more than a paycheck

  • You want a career that brings you meaning & has impact

  • You’ve been crushing it in your work for several years, and now’s a good time to reflect on the journey

  • You’re ready to think about what’s next, and that could be a new job or staying put

  • You’re experiencing a quarter/third-life crisis 

  • You feel a bit stuck in your work, but not ready for an immediate change*

*If you’re actively looking to make a career transition, stay tuned for our upcoming course on seeking and attaining a new job.  Email us for more information.

What you'll unlock

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Important personal reflections on what you value from your career.

These come from the expertly designed activities, crew conversations, and time spent making space for this important thinking.

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Access to best-in-class executive coaches at a fraction of the cost. 

Great executive coaches are hard to find and hard to afford. Crew’ers consistently rate our coaches 10/10. They love the nuggets of advice they hear from our coaches in each session.

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Your own personal board of directors.  

Your crew will bring new insights to your career exploration, and remind you that you're not alone in your journey.

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A new network of ambitious professionals.

In addition to your crew, you'll connect with the larger crew community, a group who cares about doing meaningful work while leading happy, balanced lives.

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Accountability, support, and motivation for your goals.

The crew process will no doubt unearth some changes you want to make in your career. Big or small, change can be hard, so it's better not to go it alone.

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Confidence in yourself and your path.
Even when we’re doing what we love, doubts have a way of creeping in. Crew activities remind you that you’re on the right path, and your crew will be there to boost you up when you’re feeling down.

The journey


The Visionary meets weekly for eight weeks. The backbone of our program is what we call our five core design sessions...


Session 5

Tying It All Together

We’ll weave all of our design work to-date, together with our reflections from the journey, into career frameworks which will guide our career design for years to come.

Session 4


We’ll borrow more tools from design to help us envision what our future could look like and illustrate several exciting options.

Session 3

Strategic Strengths

We’ll do some “me-search” to identify our interests and our strengths, and then determine which of these are important for us to carry forward vs. leave behind.

Session 2

Define What Matters

We’ll use a creative exercise to tease out our underlying drivers, the things that truly motivate and matter to us. You’ll be surprised by what your fellow crew’ers can infer about you from a seemingly simple activity, including things you didn't know about yourself.

Session 1

Looking Back​

We’ll get to know each other by exploring our careers to date and learning more about the career design process. This session sets the foundation for great career design and strong crews.



Inspiration Sessions

Our core sessions come every two weeks, but Crew meets every week at the same time. We spend the alternate weeks getting inspired by things like talks, analogous activities, and team time. Much in the way designers seek for constant inspiration to stay creative and motivated, we seek to inspire you throughout your Crew journey. 

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What our recent crew'ers think

"The exercises were thought provoking and really helped me to understand other people’s stories and backgrounds. The group atmosphere that was created gave me the confidence to be quite open with everyone, which was freeing."

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Transformative experiences, at a fraction of the traditional cost

Executive coaching: $250 per session
MBA degree: 2 years + $150,000
The Visionary: $900 / £650 

Many of our participants get Crew reimbursed by their employers. Ask us for information you can share with your employer. 
We also offer scholarships, get in touch!

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Money back guarantee


If after completion of the program you don't think Crew has helped you design a better career, we'll give you a full refund.