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Get clear about your next career move

The Visionary is a nine-week Career Design program that brings intentionality to your career by exploring the things that matter to you and envisioning a career you truly love.

Apply by July 15th to join the next cohorts kicking off in August.

Careers designed by employees at these trusted companies
A career defining designing experience
The Visionary program uses the principles of design thinking to help you explore and design a career you love.

9 Weeks, Part-Time, Virtual, and together

Built to take you on a guided, transformational journey to explore your next career adventures. Your crew will meet bi-weekly for two-hour group coaching sessions.

Career Guidance from Professionals

Our Career Guides are professionally certified coaches & brilliant design facilitators.

Design Thinking Influenced Curriculum

We use design to pro-actively explore & problem solve the hardest career challenges.

An Amazing Community

Your 12-month membership includes access to the Crew community, platforms, tools & resources.

What you'll unlock


We launch new cohorts of crews each month.

In addition to your crew, you'll connect with the larger crew community, a group who cares about doing meaningful work while leading happy, balanced lives.

Apply for membership

Apply by completing our online application (and enjoy the embedded career reflections). We review applications on a rolling basis. The earlier you apply, the better.

Meet the Crew team

Meet a member of our team on a short Zoom chat. These meetings are a chance for us to get to know you better so we can match you to the right crew. You can also ask us your questions about Crew.

Onboard & Prepare

We'll prepare you for your Crew journey with activities, content and an orientation with your crew prior to the cohort kicking off.

Start designing your career - together

Your crew meets bi-weekly for two-hour group coaching sessions. You'll complete tasks in advance, and will spend the session discussing and learning coaching and design techniques to apply to your career. In between core sessions, you can join workshops and talks about career design.

Crew Memberships

TOOLS & Resources
• Career Canvas design platform
• Pop-up group coaching sessions
• Access to the Crew community
• Career check-ups with a guide
• Attend workshops & events
• 9-week "The Visionary" program
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• Career Canvas design platform
• Pop-up group coaching sessions
• Access to the Crew community
• Career check-ups with a guide
• Attend workshops & events
• 9-week "The Visionary" program
Group coaching program
• Career Canvas design platform
• Pop-up group coaching sessions
• Access to the Crew community
• Career check-ups with a guide
• Attend workshops & events
• 9-week "The Visionary" program
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Flexible Payment Options

Many customers are able to expense Crew in their L&D budget at work.
We never want price to get in the way of someone joining Crew. We award partial scholarships to a handful of people each month in exchange for them spreading the word about Crew. If interested, you can apply here.

"I thought the whole experience was invaluable. This kind of self reflection usually gets pushed to the side in life, as other things come up / the mind tries to avoid it. So it's good to be part of a program that forces you to go through the process. Our coach was excellent as a coach - very insightful. Helped me to see things I otherwise might not have. At the end of the programme, I'm much clearer about the direction of travel in my work life.

Sr. Finance Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a crew?

A crew is a small group of professional peers who come together to explore professional topics. They inspire each other to think differently, motivate each other to go further, and hold each other accountable for their professional goals. Some people refer to their crew as their personal board of consultants.

Who’s in my crew?

Your crew consists of you plus five to seven other professional peers (crew sizes will vary for better matching). Our goal when curating crews is to provide enough similarity to enable shared experiences, while also enough diversity to spark creativity and inspiration.

Who are the guides?

Crew guides are certified executive coaches who also have experience working as employees and leaders in corporations. This combination means they have the expertise of coaches and also the real-life know-how of modern professionals.

What happens in a Crew session?

Each session is designed around a different theme and career design activity. Coaches will guide the crew through the activities, and there will often be some pre-work. Sessions are highly interactive - expect to share your own career explorations with your crew, and get curious asking questions of your crew mates.

What happens outside of the sessions?

Between sessions there will be homework assignments - fun ones. You can expect to spend between one and three hours on each homework assignment. You’ll also have access to the whole Crew community and we encourage you to make use of it by setting up coffee chats with fellow Crew’ers and contributing to the community discussions. As we grow, you’ll also have the opportunity to join future Crew events such as workshops, talks, social events, and even retreats.

What am I going to get out of this?

There are a few tangible outcomes of a Crew program, but really, we think the value is in the intangibles. Here is how our customers describe the value they've found in Crew:
-Access to an executive coach without the astronomical cost of one-to-one coaching. Crew’ers love the “golden nuggets” of advice they hear from our coaches in each session.
-A group of peers who bring new insights to your career exploration and remind you that you’re not alone in whatever you’re going through at work. Some people refer to their crew as their personal board of consultants--people who know them well enough to give valuable feedback
-Important personal reflections on what you truly value from your career. These come from the expertly designed activities, crew conversations, and time spent making space for this important thinking.
-Accountability and motivation to make a change. The crew process will no doubt unearth some changes you want to make in your career. For some people these will be big changes, for others smaller tweaks in their current work. Either way, change can be hard, and your crew brings accountability and motivation to help you succeed.
-Confidence in yourself and your path. Even when we’re doing what we love, doubts have a way of creeping in. Crew provides a routine check-in to remind you that you’re on the right path (or if not, course correct), and your fellow crew’ers will be there to boost you up when you’re feeling down.
-A whole new network of ambitious professionals who care about doing meaningful work while leading happy, balanced lives.

How much does this cost?

At Crew we’re striving to make coaching more accessible and affordable. So while we think Crew provides more value than regular one-to-one executive coaching (see above), we’re pricing it below standard coaching hourly rates to enable more people to benefit.  Each Crew program is priced differently, so check the details of your program. We also offer scholarships for crew’ers who need some financial assistance. We have a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t think Crew has helped you to design your career, we’ll give you a refund.

Can I get my employer to pay?

Totally! A lot of employers are cluing into the power of coaching and peer networks, and are happy to let employees use their L&D or Wellness budget for Crew. We can help facilitate this conversation, ask us for our employer one-pager!

What happens if I don’t like my crew?

We work really hard to design great crews, so we ask that you give your crew two or three sessions (depending on your program’s length) to see if things click. If after those sessions you really aren’t jiving with your crew, get in touch with us and we’ll problem solve it together. Worst case, you can defer to a future cohort or leave the program and get your money back.

What if I have to miss a session?

No worries, we know things come up. Because Crew is so dependent on the group aspect, we do ask that you try your hardest to attend every core group session. The inspiration sessions (like guest speakers & workshops) are highly recommended but not obligatory. If you have to miss a crew session, give us (and your crew) as much advance notice as possible, and reach out to your fellow crew’ers to help you get caught up. If you think you'll need to miss multiple sessions, we ask that you defer your program as your absence can have a negative impact on the rest of the crew.

What happens after the program?

So glad you asked! While we’re still in our early days, we have big plans for the Crew community. After your program you’ll maintain access to our platform for a year, so you can continue to connect with crew’ers across programs. You’ll also get first dibs on future Crew courses (stay tuned as we roll these out). Finally, we’d love to hear from you on what you would want from us going forward, so don’t be shy in letting us know!

What if I can’t do the homework?

We know people are busy, which is why we’re very intentional with how we use homework. Homework assignments are one way we ensure we make the best use of the time together, plus, we think they’re really useful exercises. We therefore design our sessions with the assumption that everyone has done the homework, so please try your best to complete it in advance. But we also understand that life happens, so if you can’t do the assignment we just ask that you tell your coach in advance so she/he can reallocate time and breakout groups as required.

What if I love Crew so much I want to share it with the world?

We love you too! And we want everyone to experience the power of coaching, career design, and crews, so please feel free to spread the word wide and loud! We also offer discounts for referrals, so you and your friends can get future Crew offers for less. Just ask!

I have another question

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