Crew'er Testimonials

"Energizing and encouraging experience that doesn't get enough attention in our lives. I liked the inclusion of both big picture thinking and tactical things I can do today. The sessions and homework kept me accountable to actually doing the work and thinking through some of these meaty topics."

Allison, Senior Marketing Manager


"Very happy to have enrolled this experience and shared this professional exploration journey with other fellows that shared the same questions. Very valuable tips and insights from Miriam, loved her energy and enthusiasm. Great energy from all the people in my crew."

 Celine, SVP International Sales

Crew is like a really good dinner party where a group of people that don't know each other come together and leave having learned new ideas, explored questions they hadn't asked themselves before, and inspired to find purpose.

 Vish, Assistant Director

"My crew programme was a brilliant experience. I had the opportunity to meet and get to know a group of like-minded individuals, fully committed to thinking about their careers and future. The content was excellent - a range of practical frameworks and tools, blended with incredibly high-quality coaching in a safe and reflective space. The programme comes with my highest recommendation."

Neel, Program Manager

"I thought the whole experience was invaluable. This kind of self reflection usually gets pushed to the side in life, as other things come up / the mind tries to avoid it. So it's good to be part of a programme that forces you to go through the process. Our coach was excellent as a coach - very insightful. Helped me to see things I otherwise might not have. At the end of the programme, I'm much clearer about the direction of travel in my work life."

Senior finance professional

"Having been very focused on climbing the career ladder throughout my 20's, it was beginning to dawn on me (with the help of furlough, during a pandemic) that I had never taken time to reflect on what I really liked about my role. I was also coming to the realisation that in order to be happy in my career, I had to take control of it and create my own 'ideal' path. Enter Crew. With the help of a highly qualified, enthusiastic, patient and experienced careers coach, combined with a crew of people who crossed different industries and roles, the perfect team of coaches was born. Throughout the sessions, we listened, asked questions, critiqued and encouraged one and other to figure out what were the next steps we wanted to take in our careers, and how to take them. I have learnt a huge amount in the sessions, particularly in terms of how to structure moving from one position to the next, and how to build a network to help facilitate this. Crew has very much helped me change my perspective on how I approach work and provided tips and tricks to get to the place of utmost satisfaction."

Hannah, Senior Business Development Manager

"The exercises were thought provoking and really helped me to understand other people’s stories and backgrounds. The group atmosphere that was created gave me the confidence to be quite open with everyone, which was freeing"

Recent Crew'er

"In the pandemic, it seems like there is such a narrowing of experience and ability to connect. It was so nice to meet new people, hear their professional stories and share mine. I feel energized!"

Recent Crew'er