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As your employee experience partner, Crew provides your employees with the tools, resources, and dedicated support to find purpose & fulfillment in their careers.

Careers designed by people at these great companies

The Career Design Platform

Our coaching-infused tools and experiences help your employees develop the long-term mindsets, skills, and behaviors needed to succeed in the ever-changing workplace.

A better way to provide continued employee development

Help your employees:

Accelerate within your company

Explore their next career step

Become better managers & leaders

Career design events to keep your employees inspired & engaged

New events released monthly

Introduction to Career Design

Overview: Learn the basics of career design, and how Crew makes it easy for anyone to design their career. 


Overview: Join fellow crew’ers as we send gratitude notes to the people who have impacted our careers and lives.

Using Reflection in Career Design

Overview: Crew’s Lifeline tool is a visual representation of your career. Update your lifeline and join for a guided deeper reflection.
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